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Well, That Was One Of The Best Flashes I've Seen

Dear Lord, you've got talent, my friend :)

*stops drooling to type review*

Musical timing was near-perfect, especially the revealing of the large tree wotsit, and I'm pretty damn sure that was the most entertaining five minutes this Chrimbo hols. Except that one time with the Rwandan ambassador and the little marshmallows...

Anyhoo, quality animation, lushious backgrounds, awesome characters and the bit at the end caught me out :P Fantastic audio, also. I'll be expecting that song in my inbox in, ooh, five seconds?

I said five seconds, damn it!

Fantastic job, mate - keep it up!

*continues to drool*

Don't listen to the "shit" guy.

For a first animation, this is actually very good. I've been on the Newgrounds portal for yonks now, and I've seen some abysmally crap come through here (and subsequently blammed it) - stick men driving in grey boxes and shooting strange triangles and the like. Considering this is your first, it is actually a pretty decent attempt. You have great potential, and you can work with gradients to quite good effect (although, admittedly, some people see this as "cheating"). Basically keep improving and we can hope see some good quality animations from you soon :)

Elvomir responds:

Thanks for your comments.

Rotoscoping does nothing for me, sorry :S

I was expecting something good, imagining possibly another Animatrix episode perhaps: what I didn't expect was someone who basically traced the entire movie trailer, and monochromatically as well. Admittedly, this could be passed off as stylish or noir, but I just don't think it takes that much skill to trace a movie trailer; it just takes time. Sorry, but that's my opinion - I prefer original flashes where the artists have put some effort into the artwork.

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